The recent acceleration of innovation in Artificial Intelligence (Ai) has made it a hot topic in boardrooms, governments and the press. But it is still early, and everyone seems to have a different view of what Ai is. Some things that haven’t worked for decades are starting to take off, as the rising use of Bots and Chatbots in particular. Algorithms are beginning to redefine how software and systems are built, what can be programmed, and how people interact with them. Machine Learning is creating a world where applications of software are starting to understand and anticipate what we want to do — and in the future, do it for us. Which is why we’ve set out to make sure to cover the very basics of Artificial Intelligence and big data. Building a chatbot for your business is not enough, having the foundations covered is mission critical.

In this one day workshop, attendees will learn the fundamentals of Artifical Intelligence (Ai) and its potential to dramatically accelerate the efficiency, impact and growth potential of business in the future. Our essential training day brings everyone in an organisation on to the same page and makes the very definition of Artificial Intelligence clear and straightforward. It not only covers historical and future developments, but the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and events you should pay close attention to.

We’ll give you innovative and exciting examples of Artificial Intelligence in action and take you on a journey to a conclusion where you feel confident and ready to leap into this exciting space.


]Our workshop equips you with the information to understand and leverage the potential Artifical Intelligence for your business.


You will learn a brief history and evolution of Ai including the development of key definitions such as machine learning and deep learning, how it works, fundamental limitations and setting expectations for your industry.


You will understand the importance of algorithms; different Ai approaches from input to output and the importance of managing accurate data to maximise process efficiency.


You will examine and learn fundamental Ai concepts including Parametric vs Non-parametric, supervised vs unsupervised learning, ensemble algorithms and an explanation of Bayes for non-maths executives.


You will examine the practical application of Ai in transforming the immersive experiences by analysing its practical uses, efficiency and material impact on profits across your industry.


You will examine key Ai issues like bias, variance and irreducible error, overfitting and underfitting to better understand how to identify these hurdles. We will discuss and debate real-life examples to support our learning.


You will learn how to prepare your data, Ai Infrastructure, best practice strategies for your business for best practice implementation and finally conclude with where Ai is headed in the future.

The AI workshop curated by US AI was an incredibly valuable experience for the leadership of our business. The structure of the day was incredibly well thought out and delivered in an incredibly accessible and educational way. The balance of opportunity and ethics was fascinating and helped us to develop our automation strategy to win. Damian Ferrar, SVP & Executive Creative Director, Jack Morton Worldwide.

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